Course Registration

When can you register for a course?

Registration for courses beginning in September opens on 26 August 2019, between 16.30 and 18.30, Monday to Thursday.

Registration closes when the course is full, or in late September at the latest.

Who can register for a course?
Our courses are open to all students aged 15 and over. Any student under 18 years of age, however, must have completed at least two years of secondary education (a certificate of proof is required).

How to register for a course
To determine your specific level (except for beginners in Dutch and English), you must take a preliminary placement test on registration.

To facilitate quick and easy registration, make sure you have all the necessary documents with you: identification card, secondary education certificate, placement test as well as a valid exemption document.

Students who qualify for an exemption include:
1. All those who receive social integration income. You must provide a certificate from the CPAS / OCMW with a currently valid date.
2. Job seekers:
Forem / Actiris - You must state your Forem / Actiris registration number.
VDAB - You must provide proof of exemption with a currently valid date.
3. Minors - You must provide proof of registration at a full-time secondary school.

Registration fees
Registration fees vary according to the situation of the individual student:
          - For students from inside the European Union.

                      - For students from outside the EU who possess a Belgian residence                               card.

€30            - For students under 18 years of age.

                      - For job seekers.

                      - For recipients of social integration income.

€160         - For non-EU foreign nationals who possess a valid passport*.

* For nationals of certain countries outside the EU, a valid passport AND a valid visa are required. Please check with the school office for full details.

The prices shown above include the registration fees set by the French Community, administration costs and photocopies.

These rates may vary in line with changes to the legislation.

Registrations close as soon as the course in question is full.
For courses which are only held from September to June (English 6, Dutch 5 and 6 and "SELOR"), no registrations will be accepted after 30th September.